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If you are like most parents I know, you want to increase connection, cooperation, and simplify your parenting. You need much more than the latest parenting hack to achieve that.

You need practical, realistic, developmentally appropriate tools you can immediately implement in your home. No guilt, no judgement, no gimmicks.

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  • Showing you exactly how to remain calm, confident, and in charge in the face of your biggest parenting challenges.
  • Raising a child who feels good on the inside and behaves well on the outside.
  • Building your child’s resilience, confidence, and emotional regulation.
  • Eliminating parenting guesswork, confusion, and guilt with practical, effective strategies.
  • Giving you REAL tools for REAL life.
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You need much more than parenting hacks. You need practical, realistic, developmentally appropriate tools you can immediately implement in your home. No guilt, no shame, no judgement, no gimmicks.

It’s about getting a clear roadmap you can confidently navigate.

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The Emotional/Behavioral
Proficiency Method (EBP)

Over my extensive career, I have seen how the parenting pendulum has swung from overly strict to overly permissive. My method is founded in bringing balance back to parenting.

You want a child that feels good on the inside AND behaves well on the outside. A child that is emotionally resilient, confident, and capable of age-appropriate regulation. My EBP Parenting Method is based on my 30+ years of experience, as well as raising my own 3 children.

A dad works out with his young child.

Changing behaviors alone is incomplete. Changing emotions is incorrect. Using the EBP Method, I will teach you to better understand and respond to BOTH your child’s behaviors and emotions, leading to more connection and less friction.

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