The Everything Siblings Course

Practical tools to reduce daily friction and increase authentic, long-lasting connection between your children.

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“I can’t believe it! I’ve never seen them get along like this before!”

A comprehensive course covering all things siblings, for all ages. Practical tools to reduce daily friction and increase authentic, long-lasting connection.

Fighting, arguing, teasing, comparing, attention, sharing, jealousy, competition, twins, copying, fairness, preparing for and introducing a new baby, and much more. And, of course, connection!

See the dynamic shift in your home and never feel unprepared again with real tools for real life.

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Precise Tools, Strategies and Scripts for:

Fighting & Arguing

Jealousy & Attention

Connection & Repair

Copying & Teasing





New Baby & Regression


Sharing & Taking Turns


This is for you if…

  • You are exhausted by the fighting and bickering that feels like it’s happening all day long.
  • You want to foster deep and lasting connection between your children.
  • You’re having a baby and you want a smooth and empowering transition for your older child.
  • You want less fighting for your attention, less competition, less comparing, less tattling and teasing.
  • You’re not sure how to effectively respond to the “That’s not fair!!” you hear so often.
  • You’ve been trying other approaches and they’re not working.
You’re not alone. Until you have the step-by-step guidance you need, you’re always going to feel caught off guard wondering, “Am I doing it right?”.

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What makes our courses different?

My number one goal is to provide you with real tools that work in real life. That means no hacks, no gimmicks, no surface-level quick fixes that don’t last.

It also means zero guilt, zero shame, and zero judgment…because no parent needs more of that! You need practical, realistic, developmentally appropriate tools you can immediately implement in your home.

It’s about getting a clear roadmap you can confidently navigate.

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Common questions

What does the course cover?

The course is broken down into 10 modules:

* Your Mindset Shifts & Foundational Principles of Your Parenting.
* All Things Fighting and Arguing!
* Bringing Home A New Baby!
* Teasing!
* Copying!
* Twins!
* Jealousy, Attention, Competition, Fairness!
* Sharing and Taking Turns!
* Connection, Repair, and Balance!
* An Additional Needs Child!

From beginning to end, the course is about 6 hours long. It’s made up of clear, actionable, bite-sized videos ranging from 6 to 20 minutes.

You can watch and listen at your own pace, in any order you’d like, and as many times as you’d like. You can watch anywhere you have internet access (phone, computer, car, stream to your TV etc.)

The course also includes 11 PDF downloads called cheat sheets. These are all your top tools and scripts in one place for easy access. Download to your phone and even print out to keep on hand for reference!

Does the course include scripts?

Yes! Personally, I love to include scripts in all my courses (and this course has a lot of them!)

I think scripts are a great tool for you to hear my tone, my intonation, even the intentional pauses between my words.

While yes, it does take more than just repeating my words verbatim to do the work in your home, hearing me helps to solidify the lesson and better understand the intention.

You absorb the idea and then make it your own, true to you.

What is your parenting approach?

I love this question. If I had to choose one word to describe my approach to parenting it would be BALANCE.

Over my career, I have seen how the parenting pendulum has swung from overly strict to overly permissive. My mission is to bring balance back to parenting.

Yes, you hear your children, acknowledge them, validate them. And yet, you are still the parent that’s in charge as the leader in your home, confidently making decisions and trusting yourself.

Using my method, you understand and address BOTH your child’s emotions and behaviors, resulting in more cooperation, more connection, and less stress.

This course is the approach I used with my 3 children (who yes, are incredibly close as adults!) and all my clients. You get all of my expertise distilled down into actionable, realistic tools you can implement immediately.

What makes this course different?

My number one goal is to provide you with real tools that work in real life. That means no hacks, no gimmicks, no surface-level quick fixes that don’t last.

It also means zero guilt, zero shame, and zero judgment... because no one needs more of that! The course is not full of a bunch of theory that you have no idea how to apply in the moment.

I’ve been doing this for a long time and I truly do know what works and what you need. That’s why I fill my courses with practical, realistic, proven tools you can begin to implement immediately in your home.

I give you a step-by-step roadmap you can navigate confidently to build the lasting coping tools and lasting connection I know you want your children to have.

What is the format of the course?

The course is made up of videos and PDFs.

There are about 6 hours of video broken out clearly into main topics, with each video ranging from about 6 to 20 minutes in length. You can watch and/or listen at your own pace and as many times as you’d like.

Each section of the course includes an accompanying PDF cheat sheet you can download, save, and print out. These cheat sheets are your easy reference guides to all your top tools and scripts from each section.

Who is the course for?

This course is for parents, caregivers, grandparents, nannies... anyone looking to improve the relationship between siblings.

This course is also for teachers, educators and those who work closely with multiple children.

The tools in this course give you the step-by-step guidance needed to improve day-to-day connection, foster long-term connection, reduce conflict like fighting and bickering, manage the daily challenges of comparison, competition, jealousy, vying for your attention, and more!

If that sounds like something you want to achieve, this course is for you!

What if I purchase and decide it’s not the right fit?

I stand wholeheartedly behind my work. If you feel the course does not fit your needs, I’m happy to offer a full refund. I want this to be risk free and hassle free for you.

Can you purchase from outside the USA?

Absolutely! All courses are available worldwide.

Can I bundle the new course with another course?

Yes you can!

At checkout, you are given the option to bundle your Everything Siblings Course with another course and get even bigger savings!

How long will I have access to the course after I purchase it?


What if my kids are older?

It’s never too late!

Whether you have tweens or teens (or, honestly, even adult children), there are tools for you in this course.