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Hi, I’m Dr. Siggie Cohen. I’m a Child Development Specialist with over 35 years of experience working with children and families of all kinds. I’m also a mother of 3 boys… well, now men : )

Helping children and families is my absolute passion and life’s work. My mission is to provide you with practical, easy-to-follow tools and solutions to make your parenting life simpler, more rewarding, and, most importantly, to increase the connection between you and your child.

My tools are founded in research and science and perfected through years of hands-on experience.

Meet Me

The EBM Method

Over my extensive career, I have seen how the parenting pendulum has swung from overly strict to overly permissive. My method is founded in bringing balance back to parenting.

You hear your child, validate and acknowledge them, connect to them. And still, YOU are the parent. You are in charge as the grounded leader they need, making decisions confidently because you trust yourself and know what to do.

Many parenting tactics focus on changing behaviors alone. This is incomplete. Using my method, you will learn to understand and respond to BOTH your child’s emotions and behaviors, resulting in more cooperation, more connection, less guilt and less stress.

Parenting is never easy. But it CAN feel less overwhelming and more rewarding.