Parenting courses

The Everything Toddler Course

Best for ages 1-3

The toddler years set the stage for all that follows.

A comprehensive online course created to empower you to flourish through toddlerhood with confidence and connection.

From tantrums to hitting, thumb sucking to sleep, screaming to power struggles, picky eating to independence, know exactly how to navigate this critical stage. Real tools for real life you can begin to implement immediately.

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The Everything 3 to 7 Course

Best for ages 3-7

A practical online course developed specifically for the formative years of 3 to 7, because your parenting tools must grow alongside your child.

Outbursts, screaming, hitting, lying & stealing, fears & anxiety, discipline, transitions, whining, teasing, bragging, power struggles, sleep and so much more! Join thousands of other families and never feel unprepared again with real tools for real life.

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The Potty Training Guide

Best for ages 20 months+

Your ultimate guide to potty training with no pressure and no power struggles. Empower your child to be an active part of the process.

Whether you’re just getting started or deep in your potty training journey, these proven tools and strategies will leave you and your child feeling more empowered and less stressed. Learn the technique that’s worked for thousands of families.

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Do you have an older child?
No problem!

Courses for older kids (ages 8 to teens) are well underway and coming soon. Sign up for the waiting list and be the first to know when more courses are available.

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