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Practical strategies for staying calm, setting clear boundaries, connecting with your child and feeling empowered in your parenting.

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What’s in your toolbox

5 precise and practical strategies for staying calm and managing your own emotions.

How to set clear and direct boundaries that work.

How to build your child’s coping skills and resilience.

6 things to say to your child to increase connection and cooperation.

Understanding your role as a parent.

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"The toddler program has been LIFE CHANGING!! Thank you from the bottom of our previously stressed and strung out hearts. Sanity saving and worth every penny!"

5 Star Rating


"Quite frankly one of the best child development authorities and teachers in Los Angeles. She has worked with thousands of families in helping to support their parenting efforts."

5 Star Rating

C. Dore, M.A., LMFT

"As a psychologist myself, I have rarely seen anyone give parenting tips with such clarity and depth. It’s absolutely incredible."

5 Star Rating

S. Das

"You have changed my parenting sooo much! The way you have inspired me to communicate has been incredible for our relationship! My daughter is feeling heard, seen and respected, and I am feeling like a successful mother!!"

5 Star Rating

A. Garcia

"I'm a pediatrician practicing in Los Angeles. Every patient I refer to Dr. Siggie comes back saying they were enlightened, calmer, happier and felt so welcomed and heard. Her advice to me as a mom has been invaluable."

5 Star Rating

Dr. D. Ahdoot, Pediatrician

"I can honestly say you have changed my life. I watch your videos almost nightly to prepare for another 12 hours straight with my 2 and 5 year old. During 2020 I couldn't have made it without your calming inspiration and guidance."

5 Star Rating

J. Burmahl

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